Crossroads of Fate

Cats and Pearls

Session 6

Rue: Yep.
Another exciting day in the Life of Tanzi and Sand, the Daring Duo.
DM: Describe to me, using words, the actions that your character, portrayed by you, takes, please.
Sent at 7:26 PM on Monday
Rue: Turning on her heel, Tanzi points a finger in the direction of Razael the Merchant-thief’s tent, and says, “Let justice be served.” She thumps the top of her trusty box for emphasis.
“Unless it’s too early for justice.”
Sent at 7:29 PM on Monday
DM: Sand pulls his sandcloak close around him and lowers his hood and follows you.
Sent at 7:31 PM on Monday
DM: You see the tent in question, large and purple, with gold outlined figures on the canvas – fantastic creatures and heavenly bodies. The tent has an awning-type walkway the entrance and a large tanned man, wearing only a turban and wide pants, guards it with a dangerous-looking double-bladed sword.
Sent at 7:33 PM on Monday
Rue: Tanzi’s eyes widen at the sight of the turbaned guard, and she nods to Sand. “We have to watch our steps and fingers around that one,” she whispers. She hails the guard in a louder voice. “Open for business?”
Sent at 7:36 PM on Monday
DM: The dark haired and mustachioed man indicates you should wait. He takes a look inside. (Make a listen check.)
Rue: (Eighteen)
DM: (Sand – 16)
Sent at 7:38 PM on Monday
DM: You both hear the sound of raised voices, in some argument, a man’s and a woman’s, but you can’t make it out. After a moment, however, the woman says, “Yes, Gastineau?”
The guard says, “Customers.”
The woman says, “Please ask them to wait a moment until I finish my conversation.”
The guard turns back and says, “Just a few minutes, please.” He smiles a wide smile which makes him look scarier.
Rue: How is the tent positioned in regards to other shops or the market place in general?
DM: It’s on the eastern side of the square, larger, by average.Are you thinking of trying to get near an outside wall?
Sent at 7:42 PM on Monday
Rue: Maybe. She’s looking for any suitable eavesdropping spot.
DM: As I thought, though I’m not forming sentences very well tonight. It would be a simple matter to stroll down to the next tent, walk around it, and then come up on the back side of this tent.
Sent at 7:45 PM on Monday
Rue: (I have trouble visualizing things, sometimes, and often substitute my own imaginings. So I just want to be certain.)

Tanzi tries to do so without drawing any attention, especially from Gastineau.
DM: Do you say anything when leaving?
Rue: “Thanks. We’ll return.” She says it over her shoulder as she walks away.
Sent at 7:49 PM on Monday
DM: The next tent has its entrance around a corner. Perfect! You don’t look suspicious, you don’t think. Then you can hurry along to reach the non-open side of the purple tent.
Rue: Tanzi tiptoes carefully, looking over her shoulder to see if Sand is following.
DM: He is. He seems to understand.
”... long enough!” you hear the man’s raised voice.
(give me a Listen roll by the way, for non-raised voices)
Rue: (Ten)
DM: (Sand – 7)
Sent at 7:52 PM on Monday
DM: “As I have mentioned, darling, I am neither a moneylender nor the Khedive. I do not carry five thousand gold pieces on my person or keep such a sum around for any length of time. I’ve told you that I have a buyer and I have a product. It is merely a matter of conducting the business and then dear Ysetha will get all that is coming to her.”
“My mistress is impatient with you. You left Calabash.”
“I needed to, didn’t I? And I came back, didn’t I, darling?”
“She almost had me killed!”
“But she didn’t, my sweet, did she? All shall be well. Go and…”
(the voices lower and move away from you at this point)
Sent at 7:56 PM on Monday
Rue: Tanzi looks excitedly at Sand and lifts her shoulders in a questioning shrug. Is there any way to creep closer along the side of the tent, or would that put them at risk of being seen?
DM: I’d assumed you were standing at the back of the tent. Closer which way?
Sand’s face is a cipher.
Rue: Right, we were, I meant if we moved along the side of the tent (if possible) would that bring us closer to the voices?
DM: Possibly, you mean to follow along the side as the voices move towards the front of the tent? You’d be able to see the main boulevard and be seen by others, too.
Sent at 8:00 PM on Monday
Rue: Okay. Standing at the back of the tent, Tanzi edges towards the left corner and peeks around to see if anyone is exiting the tent. She gestures for Sand to do the same on the opposite side.
DM: He does so. You wait for a couple minutes. Give me a spot, please.
Rue: (Eleven)
DM: Some people walk by but you don’t think it was anyone in the tent from their angle. Though a small tawny cat is wandering over to you. Maybe it thinks you have snacks.
Sand comes to you and says, “Man. Bald. Green robes. Many tattoos. Arms, head.

Sent at 8:07 PM on Monday
Rue: Tanzi nods, distracted by the cat. Is it a pretty, well-fed cat or unkempt?
Sent at 8:09 PM on Monday
DM: A pretty, well-fed, but lean cat. “Mow?”
“This one thinks tattooed man one that speaks to merchant.”
Sent at 8:11 PM on Monday
Rue: “What a pretty kitty, we should run,” she says to Sand in a low voice. “Unless…are you lost, little cat? Do you have any of that desiccated meat you were gnawing on yesterday?”
Sent at 8:12 PM on Monday
DM: “Why run? To catch man? This cat does not need this one to feed it.”
Sent at 8:14 PM on Monday
DM: “Mow?” Rubs against your boot.
Rue: “The cat looks famished. Their eyes don’t look like that when they aren’t hungry. But let’s get away from here. Would you mind carrying this for a minute?” She offers the box to Sand with a cajoling smile.
DM: “Oof.” He takes the chest.
Rue: Tanzi scoops up the cat, if it will let her. If it won’t, she still tries to.
DM: It struggles a little bit but not too much.
(well, do you mean it harm?)
(cats can sense this)
Rue: “You’re a good kitty. We’re going to be good friends.”

No, she doesn’t. She’s very gentle.
DM: OK, no problem.
Sent at 8:19 PM on Monday
Rue: Tanzi heads out from behind the tents as carefully as she entered, petting the cat the whole while. “We need to find some mice, Sand. I bet someone sells them. Dazzle eats mice too. You cannot eat Dazzle,” she tells the cat. “Do you think it’s too late to follow the bald man? You’ll be able to recognize him again though. Right?” Tanzi pauses to look at Sand.
DM: “This one will know him. Tattoos were snakes.”
Rue: “Really? That’s exciting news. Could you draw the snakes?”
Sent at 8:25 PM on Monday
DM: “Wrapped around arm. Head on hand,” he tries to demonstrate, balancing the chest and the staff. “Other head on head.”
Rue: “Hrm.”
“I wonder if you could do that while standing on one foot.”
DM: “Why buy mice? Mice, rats, everywhere.”
He’s trying it on one fot.
Sent at 8:27 PM on Monday
Rue: “You see one? Where?!” She looks about the area, before shaking her head. “No. I want to buy mice because catching them is unladylike.”
DM: Sand mutters something under his breath.
Rue: “You know I’m a very proper person, right? You can tell, right?” Her voice is very earnest, if slightly shrill.
Sent at 8:30 PM on Monday
DM: Sand says, “Z is very… er… civilizationed.”
Sent at 8:31 PM on Monday
Rue: “Yes. It was part of my extensive education. I have credentials to that effect. Let’s find some mice for this poor starving cat, and Dazzle. I also want to find out who else deals in jewels.”
Sent at 8:33 PM on Monday
DM: How long do you want to spend doing this? How soon did you want to get back to Potago’s or Razael’s?
Rue: She doesn’t want to spend long doing this. The mice can wait. She does want to find at least one other person who deals in jewels and visit them before Razael. As a trial run, maybe.
DM: Ok, give me a Gather Information check. Sand can “assist”.
Rue: (Nine)
DM: (Sand – 2, no assist)
Sent at 8:36 PM on Monday
DM: No luck with mouse sales but you find out there is an elven jeweler, a gnome jeweler, an Azurian jeweler, and a jeweler from the mountain kingdoms – all pretty well known and located in a similar area to Razael’s.
Sent at 8:37 PM on Monday
Sent at 8:49 PM on Monday
DM: Where do you go?
Rue: Tanzi travels to the Azurian jeweler to gather further information. If possible, she passes Razael’s tent in order to speak to the other jeweler. (I have no idea what an Azurian is.)
Sent at 8:53 PM on Monday
DM: They are the very dark-skinned people from the equatorial areas. Gastineau nods as you pass.
Sent at 8:54 PM on Monday
Rue: Tanzi nods in return, but doesn’t slow her pace.
Sent at 8:56 PM on Monday
DM: There is a gaudily decorated tent that is small and open on three sides. An Azurian spear-fighter lounges in the shade nearby, and two young men start laying out wares and calling out to passers-by. “Beautiful gold and jewels!” “Exotic gifts for your exotic love!”
Sent at 8:57 PM on Monday
Rue: “Isn’t this great,” Tanzi murmurs to Sand as she approaches. She looks at the items for sale.
Sent at 8:59 PM on Monday
DM: “Ah, hello, beautiful lady! I know the perfect thing for you and your.. blue eyes! Like the sea, they are!”
Sent at 9:00 PM on Monday
DM: One of the young men reaches into the shallow velvet crate you are peering into, and pulls out a silver torc with a large tiger eye turquoise.
Rue: “I am very fond of the ocean,” Tanzi says, blushing furiously.
DM: “That is a find choice, brother! Madam, do you wish to try it on and see yourself in a mirror?”
Sent at 9:02 PM on Monday
Rue: “Of course!” Tanzi sneaks a look at Sand to see if he looks impatient.
Sent at 9:04 PM on Monday
DM: “And something for your lovely friend, here, perhaps a bracelet? May I see your eyes, miss?”
Rue: Tanzi turns around to look, a bemused half-smile on her face.
DM: “This one wears only what this one kills.” says Sand, fiercely. “This one is a warrior man.”
Rue: Shaking her head, she looks back to the merchant. “Don’t tease my friend,” she warns sternly. “I won’t have it.”
DM: One merchant is clasping the torc around your neck and mutters “hmmm” under his breath. The other says, “I apologize, sir! My mistake, of course!”
I should say, this is more of a choker, than a torc.
Sent at 9:09 PM on Monday
DM: One holds up a mirror to you. It looks very nice indeed. “What do you think, madam? And how about you, Baron?”
Sent at 9:10 PM on Monday
Rue: Tanzi narrows her eyes critically on the mirror, trying to hide how much she likes the damn necklace. Finally, she ventures a small smile.”This trinket is lovely, to be sure. However well it may match my eyes, it does not suit my spirit. When I mentioned my affection for the ocean, I should include a fondness for her gifts, corals bright as blood and pearls. Pearls particularly.”
Sent at 9:12 PM on Monday
DM: “Of course, of course!” He unclasps the necklace. “We have some freshwater pearls, I believe, made into a lovely bracelet.”
Sent at 9:14 PM on Monday
DM: “And, brother, we do know where we might find some red coral for you. It’s rather.. fierce looking, madam, but if you like we could have it here tomorrow.”
Sent at 9:15 PM on Monday
Rue: “Perhaps…” Tanzi sighs. “I’m looking for something bolder than a simple string of pearls. Something great and unusual. A pearl to rival the moon’s perfection.”
Sent at 9:17 PM on Monday
DM: “An ocean pearl, then?”
Rue: “Yes.”
Sent at 9:19 PM on Monday
DM: “I am afraid we do not keep these in stock, but I am sure, if you will give us a day we may be able to secure some for you to view? If I may be so bold to ask what sort of price range? Most ocean pearls are around 100 gold in value.”
Sand coughs loudly at that.
Sent at 9:21 PM on Monday
Rue: Tanzi smiles. “That is very bold. Do not trouble yourself on my account. If I do not find an astonishing specimen amongst your competitors, I will return and we can speak of price and lustre.”
Sent at 9:27 PM on Monday
DM: He smiles back. “It is no trouble, is it brother? Our customers know that we have a fine eye for finding suitable jewels for people, and many leave us to the trouble of hunting for just the right thing.”
Sent at 9:30 PM on Monday
Rue: “Many? Then how would you ever have the time to devote to a proper search for what I require?” Tanzi shakes her head. “No. But I thank you for the offer.” She walks away, headed for Razael’s shop. “You made some kind of signal back there, Sand. What was it?” she asks when they’re out of earshot.
Sent at 9:35 PM on Monday
DM: “Are you sure, madam..?” “Oh, come again!” you hear behind you.
“This one thinks those merchants are robbers. 100 gold for pearl. Pearls only worth 5 gold.”
Sent at 9:37 PM on Monday
Rue: “They’d probably sell me a varnished pebble. That was a very pretty necklace they had…If I make my fortune here, I’m definitely going to purchase it. Okay. How much is the stolen pearl worth?”
DM: “Merchant offer two hundred and fifty gold.”
Sent at 9:40 PM on Monday
Rue: “But she owes five thousand coin…didn’t it sound like that? I wonder if the pearl is the product she spoke of or something else…? I wish I’d been more interested in divination.”
DM: (make an appraise roll)
Rue: (sixteen)
DM: (5 gold sounds like a ridiculously low number for a pearl… 100 sounds more right to you)
Rue: “Sand…have you sold a lot of pearls in your lifetime? For five gold pieces each?”
DM: Sand nods.
Sent at 9:46 PM on Monday
Rue: Tanzi nods. “Oh, my. What’s done is done. Let’s go shake the plum tree and see if any monkeys fall out. Actually, do you think I should change into my scholar’s clothes? Scholar or traveler, traveler or scholar…” Tanzi contemplates as she hurries towards the tent.
Sent at 9:52 PM on Monday


thorne thorne

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