What our friends know of Twig is that he is leader of the Rats, perhaps because he is purported to have killed a member of a large established gang, the Scorpions. Under a charm spell, however, he revealed that while it was true, that he was very lucky to have done it and hopes the Scorpions don’t know it was him.

Known Rats members are Mura and Rallo.

Twig is fond of Ali’s, a tavern/smoke shop near the market square. The serving girl, D’Kara, knows him well, seemingly.

He also works as a scribe in Potago’s Scriptorium, where he is called Teweg. He happens to be Potago’s eldest son, and has been refered to as a troublemaker.

Twig is familiar enough with Mama Nettie to have recommended her as a healer. It’s possible that he knew what price she exacted for her services.


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