Tanzi Turtlemoon



Human, Wizard 2nd Medium Humanoid Female Height: 5’0” Weight: 100 lbs. Age: 19 Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond Skin: Fair Alignment: Chaotic Neutral [Olidammara]

Strength 6 Dexterity 15 Constitution 10 Intelligence 18 Wisdom 14 Charisma 15

Fort: 0 Reflex: 2 Will: 5

AC: 12 (2 dex) HP: 7 Speed: 30 ft. Init: +2

Skill Ranks – 35 5/2.5

Class Skills Concentration 5, Craft: (Alchemy) 5, Decipher Script 8, Knowledge: (Arcana) 6, (Religion) 5, (Nobility/Royalty) 8, (Geography) 5, (History) 8, (Planes) 6, (Nature) 4, Spellcraft 7, Profession (Tutor) 3.

Cross Class Skills Search 5, Diplomacy 3, Bluff 7 (+3 from viper familiar). Spot 4 (viper), Listen 4 (viper).

Cantrips Resistance Acid Splash Detect Poison Detect Magic Read Magic Daze Dancing Lights Flare Light Ray of Frost Ghost Sound Disrupt Undead Touch of Fatigue Mage Hand Mending Message Open/Close Arcane Mark Prestidigitation Amanuensis (Spell Compendium)

First Level Spells Charm Person Cheat (Spell Compendium) Silent Image Ventriloquism Unseen Servant Grease Summon Monster I Comprehend Languages Mage Armor

Feats: Toughness, Spell Focus (Illusion), Alertness (viper)

Class Features: Scribe Scroll, Summon Familiar (Tiny Viper)

Languages: Common, Infernal, Draconic, Giant, Sylvan

Items: Spellbook, Spell Component Pouch, Small Steel Mirror, Waterskin, Parchment, Flint + Steel, Vial of Ink (black), Ink Pen, 3 Bells, Small Wooden Box, 4 Bottles of Fine Wine, Figs (one handful), Sewing Needle and Thread, Sealing Wax, a Scrollcase (containing?), Common Lantern, Wooden Holy Symbol, Deck of Cards, Traveler’s Clothing, Scholar’s Clothing. Dagger 1d4.

Containers: Wooden Chest (25 lbs), Backpack.

*LOOT!!! :( * 1 Platinum 4 Gold 6 Silver 7 Copper


Tanzi Turtlemoon was born weak as a kitten or a flower after frost, but she possessed a strong will and mind full of questions. While other children raced through the streets and climbed walls, overturned fruit-peddlers’ carts and roughhoused like feral bulldogs, Tanzi read every scroll, signpost or tome that crossed her path, and committed the information to memory. Influenced by her mother – one of Olidammara’s infamous Laughing Priestesses – and her mother’s acquisitive, infinitely more sneaky cohort Nevvek, Tanzi’s methods for accumulating knowledge were disorderly, impassioned, and occasionally illegal.

However, she when she reached the point where precocity could not replace traditional education, she requested that her mother let her learn magic. Unaccustomed to depriving her daughter of any need or whim, her mother sent her over the mountains to study.

For seven years, she attended the Featherfall House for Young Ladies with Magical Aptitude, where she learned four languages, how to charm friends and influence magic. Despite having read all of the tomes available to students and some besides, Tanzi managed to distinguish herself as the worst student in the history of Featherfall. At the time she departed the institution, she was known to have mastered only one first level spell – Grease – and her proficiency with it was at the root of her expulsion.

Always pragmatic, Tanzi knew it was for the best and left without rancor. After all, her future would go more smoothly if her spellbook never had to endure scrutiny, and the rigor of final exams wasn’t a challenge worth waiting around for. She sincerely doubted her instructors’ ability to teach her anything further anyway.

After bidding farewell to her friends, Tanzi returned home just in time to attend the wedding of her mother to the wealthy vintner Garren Faravel. At the after-ceremony revel, she started to gamble. Up to her elbows in gold coins and a knot of wood representing a favor of mild to moderate inconvenience, she pushed it all to the middle of the table. The cards clutched in her hand showed the faces of the Winter Court, from the ice-crowned king and his pale queen, to their son astride a wolf. The strong trio made her confident, and perhaps she forget that her opponent, Nevvek, had become proficient at sleight-of-hand long before Tanzi inscribed Cheat into her spellbook. She cast her spell nonetheless. One card remained to be drawn, and it would dictate the Aspect of the hand that came into play.

Tanzi hoped for the Moon or the Hunter, but drew down the Tower instead. So her lovely Court came to ruin, and she lost the bet.

And so she departed to Calabash, where a marketplace scribe awaited the delivery of a small wooden box.

Tanzi Turtlemoon

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