Crossroads of Fate

The Road to Calabash

Session 1

Rue: “Gods of the infernal…” Tanzi complains. “Will this voyage never end?”
Sent at 6:51 PM on Sunday
DM: At least it’s a bit breezy. You were able to finagle a seat by the window in the lower “second-class” portion of the barge.
There haven’t been too many interesting fellow passengers here… a lot of farmers and tradesmen taking their goods to Calabash
thankfully the animals and sacks of grain and such are either below or on the wide deck downwind of the common cabin
any particular way you wish to pass the time?
Rue: Tanzi angles herself so she’s mostly in the shade, and props her HUGE spellbook on her knees. She studies her spells half-heartedly, looking out the window from time to time.
DM: only 7 of the pages are used, right?

Rue: So far…but the others are interestingly blank.
DM: it’s enough to impress the rubes on board. the heavily sweating grain merchant across from you doesn’t appear to be familiar with books.. he’s been chewing on straw
Sent at 6:56 PM on Sunday
Rue: He’d probably chew on Tanzi’s book if she let him. She regards him speculatively for a moment, then favors him with a smile. “Travel to Calabash often?”
Sent at 6:58 PM on Sunday
DM: you’re struck by how similar to a camel’s mouth his is… “Hmm… 3 times a season. Hate this heat, but wheat’s not going to deliver itself.”
Sent at 6:59 PM on Sunday
Rue: “Truer words have never been spoken.” Having exhausted her ability and/or interest in gathering information, she resumes her studies.
DM: He didn’t seem to interested in continuing it himself. How about a spot roll?
Rue: ((Nineteen))
DM: quite good
Sent at 7:02 PM on Sunday
DM: Your coming up to the next little port – these are very small affairs, usually just a dock and a shanty with people waiting with boxes and bags and pack animals – mules or camels, usually. This is the port before Calabash. So, one more stop.
Sent at 7:03 PM on Sunday
DM: You notice a funny thing… someone you have seen a couple times during your journey. A smallish boy, wrapped in a sand-cloak with a walking staff, is striding remarkably quickly parallel with the river.
You last noticed him hours ago.
Rue: Which only shows how slowly this tub moves.
DM: Yes, plus the stops. Still, it’s a bit remarkable. Remark!
Rue: “The indigents are quite swift of foot in these parts.”
DM: Your far superior intellect calculates they must have a base move of 40 and also the Endurance feat.
Rue: “But perhaps there is more to this one than meets the eye.”
Sent at 7:07 PM on Sunday
DM: As some goats are loaded onto the barge, bleating loudly, and causing more of a ruckus from the merchants and animals, you see the boy speaking with the customs agent outside the port shack.
Sent at 7:09 PM on Sunday
Rue: Does the agent seem inclined to listen to the fellow?
Sent at 7:11 PM on Sunday
DM: No, he seems busy and distracted… He shakes his head. You can see the boy’s face now. He’s frowning. You see that there is a small curved piece of bone or something through the boy’s nose.
Sent at 7:13 PM on Sunday
Rue: “Fascinating!” Tanzi hops to her feet, and seeks a better vantage point, perhaps somewhere that she can overhear the exchange.
DM: That doesn’t seem too likely, in either case, unless you got off the barge. In any case, it appears he’s moving on.
Rue: If Tanzi got off the barge, what are the chances she’d be left behind?
Sent at 7:16 PM on Sunday
DM: Low. But probably high that you wouldn’t keep your seat and middling that they might make you pay again.
Sent at 7:17 PM on Sunday
Rue: Any idlers on the dock within hailing distance?
DM: Sure. There are the teamsters who work for the barge… they hop off and tie the ropes and help lift the stuff on. since the goats are being herded in by the herdsmen themselves.. they’re just standing and chatting.
Sent at 7:20 PM on Sunday
Rue: ((How much is passage on the barge?))
DM: mmmm
but probably cheaper now to go from here to Calabash
and you don’t have tons of goods
you’ve been on it for about 20 miles
were you thinking to talk to the boy? because he’s trucking it on foot away from the docks
Rue: “Hell,” Tanzi mutters. “Good fellow,” she calls out to the teamsters. “Three coppers to any of you who will persuade that boy to wait a moment.” She gestures to the boy in question, grabs her pack and chest, and hightails it over to the customs agent.
Sent at 7:26 PM on Sunday
DM: Ok, you make your way through the pretty-crowded barge and can either take a long step from one section or try to use the gangplank with the goats
Rue: Is the long step a jump check?
DM: no
Rue: Long step it is.
DM: You see that a couple of teamsters have walked over and called to the boy who has stopped his trek to turn and see what they want
they’re gesturing to you
and one has his hand out
are you going to the agent though? they are a little ways away
Rue: Tanzi waves and nods to the boy, ‘as in yes you’. (is the boy closer, or customs?)
DM: the customs. the boy is a couple hundred feet away down the river
everyone else is gathered around the shack. the agent seems like he’s gone back to his business
Rue: To the agent. To tell him/her that it is imperative that the boy be allowed to board the barge.
DM: The thin middle-aged man looks up. “What?! The boy can go to Timbuktu for all I care. What’s this to do with me?”
“Hey, how about our coppers, lady?”
Sent at 7:33 PM on Sunday
Rue: She passes the coppers over with a nodded thanks, and turns back to the customs agent, obviously at a loss for words momentarily. “Maybe less than I thought. But I’m glad to find you so agreeable.”
DM: The boy is standing and watching you with dispassionate eyes. Waiting.
Sent at 7:34 PM on Sunday
Rue: Has he come back towards the docks at all? In any event, Tanzi hastens towards him. As hastily as she can with her weighty possessions. “Hullo!” she calls out.
DM: No. He’s stood there, like a dumb statue.
Rue: Disappointing, but no matter. Tanzi appraises his garb and general appearance as she gets closer.
Sent at 7:37 PM on Sunday
DM: The sand cloak keeps him pretty wrapped up but you can see that beneath is some leather armor and greaves. There a colored stones? rivets? all over it. His staff appears to have a cap tied to the top of it. You see there is another bone? stone? through his lower lip. (these aren’t big piercings by the way)
skin is dark brown and some black hair sneaks out from under the hood
he’s taller than you but not very tall.
Rue: Is he very intimidating looking? (I imagine Sand as a youngish looking boy.)
Sent at 7:42 PM on Sunday
DM: well… yes, very young looking… maybe early teens? Not very intimidating. But there is a stony seriousness to his eyes. He isn’t smiling and hasn’t said Hello back to you. But he does wait.. watching you approach… How are you dressed, by the way?
Sent at 7:43 PM on Sunday
Rue: Tanzi is dressed in once impeccable traveler’s clothing, loose trousers and tunic, and a light, voluminous cloak all navy blue in color. She has a pack slung halfway over back, and obviously struggling to carry a medium sized wooden chest.
DM: Have you looked in the chest, by the way?
Or tried to?
Sent at 7:47 PM on Sunday
Rue: She has. She absolutely has. When the task of mild to moderate inconvenience turned out to include a trip to Calabash, her curiosity got the better of her. (I don’t know what’s in there. I think either a masterwork forgery kit, or something super nifty. As a point, this trunk that she carries belongs to her and is filled with sundry goods, including the four bottles of wine, safely stowed at the top. The case from Nevvek is much smaller.)
DM: The case from Newek has some fine vellum in it. Dyed green, which is something you’d never seen.
Sent at 7:51 PM on Sunday
Rue: ((How odd. Anyway, is the barge going downriver?))
DM: No. Upriver, away from the coast… Calabash is near the source
Sent at 7:53 PM on Sunday
Rue: “You’re probably wondering why I’ve hailed you,” Tanzi says, a bit wild-eyed. “I might ask myself the same thing. I saw you alongside the river, coincidentally traveling in the same direction as myself – and quite a bit quicker at times – and -” she pauses to inhale. “Do you believe in fate?”
DM: “This one does not.”
Rue: “Erm.”
DM: “This one seeks a merchant. Tall. Female. Black hair. Many rings.”
Sent at 7:57 PM on Sunday
Rue: Tanzi nods thoughtfully. “I’m well-acquainted with merchants. This one sounds familiar.” (Bluff 25)
DM: I rolled a 19 sense motive… not good enough for this genius, though
Rue: “I travel to Calabash. I believe in fate, and I believe you’re fated to relieve me of the tedium of this voyage. I knew it the very moment I saw you.” (I rolled a nineteen too, with my six bluff ranks.)
DM: He walks forward to an uncomfortable distance.. like a foot away. “Where is the merchant?”
Sent at 8:00 PM on Sunday
Rue: Tanzi glances upward to mark the place of the sun in the sky. “Oh, right now…”
DM: At this distance Tanzi can see that they are shells… through his nose, lip, ears, and sewn into his armor.
Rue: “You’re from the oceanside!” she declares with delight.
DM: The boys eyes widen a bit. “Yes…”
Rue: (what time of day is it?)
DM: mid-day
it’s hot
Sent at 8:03 PM on Sunday
Rue: “Well, right now, this merchant you seek is most likely seeking shade and a cool drink, perhaps within the walls of Calabash, or where tents sprout like mushrooms after a rain. Are you adverse to water travel?”
Sent at 8:06 PM on Sunday
DM: “This one goes to Calabash.” He looks towards the boat and wrinkles his nose in disgust. “This one does not ride like a goat. This one walks.”
Sent at 8:07 PM on Sunday
Rue: “Oh, no.” Tanzi mirrors the boy’s expression of disgust. “Never like a goat. I can find us lovely seats.” Or get us thrown off the barge.
DM: “This one walks. Goat-barge leaves.”
Rue: Tanzi looks over her shoulder.
DM: They appear to be casting off. You could make it if you ran.
Rue: “You seem very set in your ways.” Tanzi never runs. It’s undignified.
DM: A swift stride could do it… but you’re ignoring it?
Rue: Not if she can just hurry. Tanzi implores the boy one final time, “Come on. Save your energy for the marketplace.”
DM: “This one walks.”
“Goat-barge leaves.”
Rue: Tanzi shrugs. “Very well. Good luck finding your merchant.” She hurries to the barge.
Sent at 8:13 PM on Sunday
DM: You just make it. The teamsters are chuckling as you hurry aboard. The passengers have all sort of pushed in. The only free space left is with the goatherds who’ve entered last.
I should say “obvious” free space.
Rue: ((Hey, I forgot to add something to my inventory – a deck of cards. Can I still have it?))
Rue: Are the goatherds traveling with their charges?
DM: thankfully no. The animals go in the back deck. You’re on the front deck. It’s still standing room only and in the sun though.. and the goatherds smell similar to the goats
Sent at 8:18 PM on Sunday
Rue: ((By the way, Tanzi has memorized Cheat, Charm person, Detect Magic, Amanuensis, and Prestidigitation))
DM: thanks. I’d forgotten to ask
Sent at 8:20 PM on Sunday
DM: Sand has memorized Annoyance and Ingratitude
Rue: lol
Sent at 8:21 PM on Sunday
Rue: Tanzi smiles. She’s not too dismayed by the loss of her seat. Everything is an opportunity. She says hello to the most friendly looking of the goatherds. “Are you luck’s child?” she asks. She pulls the deck of cards out of her pocket to add a little context for the question.
Sent at 8:25 PM on Sunday
DM: There’s a thin fellow with a wispy yellow beard. “No, I’m Mog.” He grins. “You want to play cards?”
Rue: “I do indeed.”
DM: “All right. You’re pretty.”
Sent at 8:27 PM on Sunday
Rue: “You have a very manly beard, Mog,” she replies politely. “I’m Tanzi.” She looks about for a flat playing surface, such as a barrel or crate. “Anyone else?”
DM: “Oi, Hymie, Carminn! Cards! And we en’t even to Calabash yet!”
Your chest would do. There are some crates too
Sent at 8:33 PM on Sunday
DM: Two other goatherds come over… Greasy, common fellows.
but they seem friendly enough
Sent at 8:34 PM on Sunday
Rue: Scorning the floor, Tanzi makes her way to the crates and sets down her box. She stands on it to give her some additional height. “Half-copper stakes?” she suggests.
DM: ok.
“We only have coppers… can’t cut ‘em in half.” says Mog.
Sent at 8:36 PM on Sunday
Rue: “Good enough.”
((You got an abacus on hand so you can keep track of the coin math for me? ))
DM: ok
so are you going to use your Cheat spell?
Sent at 8:41 PM on Sunday
DM: or just skill and luck?
Rue: No, she isn’t. Too conspicuous. I’m sure it’s a matter of luck.
She really just wants to win a goat.
DM: heh. they aren’t allowed to gamble the goats… they are only the herders, not the herd owner
Rue: She’ll be sorely disappointed that they never wager one then.
DM: ok. I’ll say you can play using Int, Cha, or Wis… whichever is your forte
Int is the card-counting strategy. Wis is watching the other players. Cha is bluffing and such.
Rue: Tanzi suggests a few more commonly known card games, ones that rely on the player’s wit (int) than anything else.
DM: Or maybe it should be all three bonuses added together.
That makes sense
Rue: All three!
DM: so someone good at all 3 is a great gambler.
someone bad at all 3 is a goatherd.
if it was just something like blackjack, that would be purely int.
Sent at 8:46 PM on Sunday
DM: ((I took the lid of Baby Kitty’s pooper and she’s responded by peeing in the box 3 times in a row instead of hanging her butt outside it and peeing on her wipey mat))
Rue: ((She likes the open space. Office with a view.))
Sent at 8:48 PM on Sunday
DM: You want to play the standard poker-like, hands, bluffing, pot game?
Sent at 8:49 PM on Sunday
Rue: I don’t know if I want to spend a lot of time gaming out a card game, but yeah, something like that. A quick series of rolls culminating in a win or loss?
DM: I was just going to do one roll
Rue: All right.
DM: for the general game.
Rue: (2 unmodified)
DM: ugh
add your cha, int, and wis bonuses
you still might be better than 2 goatherds
Rue: ((With all three of those – 10))
DM: you wind up only losing 4 cp
Mog lost 10. Carmin lost 18.
Hymie had his best day ever.
It kind of wasn’t that fun to play with these guys because they were so bad.
Rue: During the course of this gambling, can I have been trying to glean random bits of information? Slanted off course towards their various opinions of Calabash?
Sent at 8:55 PM on Sunday
DM: Yes. They don’t even go into the city. They stay outside in the goat pens until their master conducts the business. Then they usually have to take the goats over to some other pen and then are free to buy some drink and fun. They’re kind of scared to go in the walls but Mog says h went in once.
Rue: Is he lying?
DM: sense motive?
Rue: 11
DM: Yeah. You think he’s trying to impress his friends. But the descriptions he gives sound like what you’ve heard too
Sent at 8:58 PM on Sunday
Rue: Tanzi congratulates Hymie, thanks the trio for their company, and tucks the deck back into her pocket. “I believe I shall do some fishing,” she lies. She unwinds a length of thread (without a hook) and trails it off the side of the barge. Wondering if the seashore savage is still paralleling the river, she looks out towards the bank.
((How long until the next port?))
DM: Not long.
Rue: Oh, and she takes her trunk with her.
DM: Were you stealing glances during the game?
Rue: Nope. The game is a sacred ritual.
DM: No sign of him.
You can see the larger, more permanent looking port of Calabash coming up… and a stone paved road leading to the city which, even in the distance, you can see is quite sprawled.. with the floating palace above it.
Sent at 9:04 PM on Sunday
Rue: Tanzi reels in her thread, exclaiming softly over her lack of luck, and views the port with a mixture of dread and excitement. She pulls her hood over her head and waits impatiently.
With a double-take she cranes her neck to peer at the floating castle.
DM: The port has maybe 8 or ten barges and boats tied up to a couple dozen docks. Some big ones. There are some permanent stone buildings around here and a two-story inn.
In the distance, the castle is a glittering jewel above the grey and dusty looking city surrounded by bright tenttowns
Sent at 9:07 PM on Sunday
Rue: “Oh, oh, my.”
Sent at 9:08 PM on Sunday
Rue: Eager to disembark, Tanzi seeks a position in proximity to the off-loading ramp thingie. She stows everything carefully.
Sent at 9:10 PM on Sunday
DM: you are already pretty close to the ramp. last on, first off
Sent at 9:11 PM on Sunday
Rue: Alright. As far as Tanzi is concerned, that leaves only the waiting. She intends to head directly for the Inn, provided it looks decent.
Sent at 9:12 PM on Sunday
DM: sure. There are hawkers around by the docks, calling out, “Cold refreshment!” “Guides!” “Information!” The inn looks fine. Stone first floor, wooden second floor. It’s called The Jewel of the River.
It’s mid-afternoon.
Sent at 9:15 PM on Sunday
Rue: Tanzi makes no eye contact with the hawkers and heads to the Jewel.
DM: “Shaved ice!” “Mangos!” “Dates, fresh plump dates!” “Fried scorpion!”
Rue: She hesitates at fried scorpion.
“Plenty of time,” she reminds herself.
DM: The Inn has a patio area with an awning and potted plants. The main area is pretty open too.. heavy wooden shutters are open and a breeze blows through.
Sent at 9:18 PM on Sunday
Rue: Spot check to find the front desk? Tanzi wishes to inquire about lodging.
DM: Heh.
You can find everything fine. It’s two miles down the road to Calabash proper… you could easily make it by late afternoon if you wanted to.
But here is fine too.
Sent at 9:22 PM on Sunday
Rue: Tanzi wishes to stow the heavier of her stuff and explore the tent villages. Provided she’s satisfied with the lock on the door of her room.
DM: ah. ok.
Sent at 9:24 PM on Sunday
DM: The inn has a few people cooling off in the shade with drinks. More people from your barge are heading this way too. But you can easily approach the bar where a bald, tanned man with a gold ring in one ear smiles widely. “Welcome, traveler! Welcome, to the Jewel of the River!”
“May I offer you a complimentary beverage after your journey?”
Sent at 9:25 PM on Sunday
Rue: “Oh, that would be lovely!” Tanzi smiles in gratitude. However, she is terribly suspicious.
Sent at 9:27 PM on Sunday
DM: He places a glass before you, and pours in a milky, orange liquid with ice cubes. “This is my own invention, traveler. It is an orange chai. Very sweet and perfect on such a dry and dusty afternoon.”
Sent at 9:29 PM on Sunday
Rue: Tanzi tentatively tastes the beverage. “You must see all sorts pass through here.”
DM: It’s delicious… if Tanzi likes honey and tea and orange and cold.
He laughs a bold and friendly laugh. “This is true, traveler! Calabash is the center of the universe! Excuse me.”
He hurries off to greet the merchants and goatherds and such who have entered… offering them each a free tea. Many of them seem to be expecting it.
Sent at 9:32 PM on Sunday
Rue: She does like such things. As it is highly unlikely that any intoxicants or poisons have been introduced to this novel drink, she finishes it and leaves a copper piece on the bar. She frowns at this reduction in her funds, and hops to her feet. She’s taking her spellbook, component pouch, serpent, most of her money, the small box, and a bottle of wine. Oh, and her dagger, and the wooden holy symbol tucked into her tunic.
DM: She’s going to see about a room?
Rue: Most of this stuff is in her backpack, excepting the dagger and spell pouch.
DM: Or pay for storage?
Rue: Yes. She seeks a room.
Sent at 9:38 PM on Sunday
DM: The gentleman comes back over and deftly flips the coin off the bar and into his other hand. “My thanks to you, traveler. What else may I do for you today? Another? Some food perhaps?”
Sent at 9:39 PM on Sunday
Rue: ((One second.))
Sent at 9:40 PM on Sunday
Rue: ((Sorry – I just had a trio of problems to contend with. Everything is good now.))
DM: ((oh good))
Rue: ((I shouldn’t have typed one second when I meant twelve minutes.))
DM: ((sokay))
Sent at 9:52 PM on Sunday
Rue: Tanzi lays her palms down on the bar and says, “Perhaps you can help me. I seek lodging, a secure and quiet room where I may pursue my studies without being disturbed.”
Sent at 9:54 PM on Sunday
DM: “Well I can promise secure, good traveler! As far as quiet, I can not promise you that. I apologize. But in the evenings, many come to the Jewel, and there is music and dancing. Perhaps not so loud upstairs? Our rooms are 2 gold per night.

Sent at 9:55 PM on Sunday
Rue: “Jewel of the River, indeed. A worthy establishment, but with no guarantee I’ll be able to find aural solitude…” Tanzi frowns.
DM: “Oral…? Er…”
Rue: “Oh, don’t bother yourself. The drink was sublime. Perhaps I shall return when my business is completed.”
Sent at 10:01 PM on Sunday
DM: “Very good, traveler. We will always be glad to have you. My name is Hiram Boca and I am at your service!” He gives you a flourishing half-bow and then heads to take care of some paying customers.
Sent at 10:02 PM on Sunday
Rue: Tanzi, disconsolate at the realization that she can no longer afford to stay at a good inn, departs this small oasis of civilization with all her worldly possessions, and ventures towards the maze of tents. “Oh, hell,” she mutters to herself.
DM: 2 gp is pretty steep for a room, in your experience.
Sent at 10:04 PM on Sunday
DM: There are a few people forgoing the port and heading right for the big city. Despite your heavy load, you still move faster than herds of goats, cows, and wagons.
Sent at 10:06 PM on Sunday
Rue: This cheers her slightly.
DM: The road is wide… perhaps 40 feet wide, of smooth paved stones. There are some tents off to either side. People call out… “Maps!” “Guides!” “Information!” “Coin exchange!” “Appraisals!” plus fruit stands and such.
The hawkers along the road seem a poorer lot than you’d expect in the famous Calabash market.
Sent at 10:09 PM on Sunday
DM: Interested in any of that?
Rue: “Information.” Tanzi looks for the most reputable of the bunch.
Reputable looking.
Sent at 10:11 PM on Sunday
DM: There’s a young halfling who seems well spoken. Instead of yelling, “Information!” He says, “Good day, madam! If you would like to know of Calabash, my grandfather is very knowledgable! If not, good day to you!”
Sent at 10:13 PM on Sunday
Rue: Immediately charmed by his grasp of Common, Tanzi grins. “I would be very interested to hear what your grandfather has to say about Calabash.” Is the halfling gramps within sight?
Sent at 10:15 PM on Sunday
DM: Yes, the lad gestures to an awning a dozen yards from the road where an elderly halfling sits smoking a pipe in the shade with several more young hafllings around him, seated on cushions and laughing.
Sent at 10:16 PM on Sunday
Rue: “Thank you.” She peers at the halfling youth a moment longer, to see if he seems to be waiting for a coin.
DM: No, he’s smiling and seeing if you are heading over.
Rue: She is.
DM: Then he runs past you and says, “Grandpa! Grandpa! A customer!” and then starts shooing the other children away who scamper off to some farther tents or straighten up some cushions.
The elderly one stands from his stool to meet you. He is dressed, like the children, and many of the people you’ve seen, in brightly colored light clothing
Rue: “Greetings, honored elder.” She speaks tentatively, as if expecting to be scolded.
Sent at 10:24 PM on Sunday
DM: He chuckles. “Ebel Dustrel’s the name. I’ll thank you kindly for the honor and return you the same, madam. My friend’s call me Ebel. Please sit down. You’re from [names your part of the world], are you not?”
The halfling boy returns with a bowl of dates. Then he scampers back to the road.
Rue: “Clever! Indeed, near the foothills most recently.”
DM: “I see! And this is your first visit to Calabash?”
Rue: “If one supposes imaginary voyages do not count.”
DM: “They count, in a special way, my friend. May I ask your name? I understand, of course, if you do not wish to share.”
Sent at 10:28 PM on Sunday
Rue: “I am pleased to meet you, Ebel Dustrel. I’m Zila Soothstar.”
DM: bluff?
Rue: ((Nineteen.))
DM: “Pleased to meet you, Miss Soothstar. What may I do for you, today?”
Sent at 10:30 PM on Sunday
Rue: “I find myself amazed at this sprawl of life outside the city walls? Is it always thus? Is there any order to the chaos?” She gestures expansively to the other tents. “Is it true that nearly everyone in Calabash is a merchant?”
DM: Technically, you’re only at the roadside tents.. the sprawl is still a mile away.
Rue: gestures to the far-away sprawl
Sent at 10:35 PM on Sunday
DM: “There is an order to it. I’ve been here for 85 years, though, and I have yet to understand it all. Mostly, there is very little room within the walls but many people. So, they make their own towns. Every nation comes here. All peoples. And yes, they are here to trade. There are somfarms near the river but the rest of us make do with passing items ov value back and forth.
(some farms)
Sent at 10:37 PM on Sunday
DM: “And of course, to handle all of this commerce, there are a fair amount of administrators as well. The Ghazis to keep the peace and the Kapikula to collect taxes.”
Rue: “Taxes.”
DM: “Yes, ‘The Khedive gets her share,’ as they say.”
Rue: Tanzi claps her hands together, suddenly remembering something. “OH, the castle! What keeps it afloat?”
DM: “Magic! Beyond the ken of we common-folk I am afraid. The Khedive and her family are great sorcerors, and have been for hundreds of years.”
Sent at 10:41 PM on Sunday
Rue: “What a marvel…”
Sent at 10:42 PM on Sunday
Rue: ((regarding pantheons, do regions have their own names for gods?Does Calabash call Kord Kord?))
DM: Yes
((same pantheon all around as far as you know))
Sent at 10:44 PM on Sunday
Rue: “If one was looking for novelties, knick-knacks and strange beasts and oh, say, books, what might be a likely place to search?”
Sent at 10:47 PM on Sunday
Rue: ((At some point, Tanzi wants to do a sense motive check, to see if the halfling is ‘trustworthy’ or at least, not lying. With a 4 roll))
Sent at 10:50 PM on Sunday
DM: “For novelties and knick-knacks like wondrous crafts and toys, seek the gnome tents to the north of the city or find them in the market, there is also a shop in town called Kulliver’s. He carries many oddments; for strange beasts, there is a merchant of exotic birds and monkeys in the market called Huvey. He may know where to find stranger beasts than these and camels and the like. For books, you have many choices! In the elven enclave there is a scholar and collector
called Ulithiel Aromavatar; and there will be any number of book and pamphlet hawkers in the market, depending on your tastes.”
Sent at 10:53 PM on Sunday
DM: He seems trustworthy.
Sent at 10:54 PM on Sunday
DM: ((by the way, the scribe you seek is named Potago))
Sent at 10:56 PM on Sunday
Rue: “Do you happen to know the names of any reliable scribes?”
Sent at 10:59 PM on Sunday
DM: “Potago runs the very large scriptorium in the market. He has many scribes that work for him and he is known to do excellent, quick and professional work. There is much paperwork that must be completed in the market!”
Sent at 11:01 PM on Sunday
Rue: Tanzi beams happily and reaches into her pocket for a silver piece. (Her gold is her spell component pouch, along with her familiar, and her solitary platinum piece is in her boot.) “You’ve been marvelously helpful. May fortune smile upon you.” Palm down, she offers the coin. “Might I ask just one more question?”
Sent at 11:04 PM on Sunday
DM: “Of course, my dear. But… ” He seems a bit embarrassed.
“I have yet to ask you my questions in exchange.”
Rue: “I’m sorry?”
“Oh…well. Please do.”
DM: “Please… if you would like to tip, we will make sure that your coin insure some food for our family, but I trade in information. Not coin!”
Rue: “Well…that’s wonderful! The whole world should work that way.”
Sent at 11:07 PM on Sunday
DM: He smiles and agrees. He asks questions about your trip, news from where you are from, things like what you recall of the weather when you were last there, and discreetly if there is any interesting gossip.”
You can just say if you are forthright, if you try to conceal anything in particular, or if you just make stuff up.
Sent at 11:09 PM on Sunday
Rue: She offers up detailed information about her homeland, extolling the virtues of soil and sunlight insofar as it affects the wine grapes. She mentions that vintner Faravel plans to expand his vineyards, and soon will be looking for a new market for his wines. She’s also very forthright about the weather.
Sent at 11:13 PM on Sunday
DM: He’s quite satisfied to hear of all of this and follows up with some very insightful questions, as well, as if he were well versed in your subject. “Now, you had one more question, Miss Soothstar?”
Sent at 11:14 PM on Sunday
Rue: “Can you recommend a reputable Inn or boarding house? Something affordable?”
Sent at 11:16 PM on Sunday
DM: “Ah. Well, there is not much that is affordable within Calabash. Most inns ask for several gold pieces a night, but they are quite fine establishments. There are those who will offer cheaper places but I would be wary of their intentions, especially you being a young lady traveling alone. There are those who traffic in souls, I am afraid. Please be on your guard. I would recommend one of the ‘traveling hotels’ as they are called. These are tents that are well guarded and you can
share sleeping space within them for a silver or two.”
Rue: “In souls?” she asks with scandalized interest. “I’m not traveling alone. I’m just the most useful half of my party.”
DM: “I am particularly fond of one run by a woman named Dusky Dawn. There are tale-tellers there at night and many bards enjoy her company. She puts out a fine table as well that you may eat your fill for a couple silver more.

Sent at 11:20 PM on Sunday
DM: “Yes, I am afraid, there are those who buy and sell the freedom of others here in Calabash. It is a sickness in my opinion but the Khedive allows it.”
Sent at 11:21 PM on Sunday
Rue: “Thank you, again.” She leaves the silver piece. “Good day.”
DM: “And thank you! Good fortune to you in Calabash, Miss Zila Soothstar!”


thorne thorne

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