Crossroads of Fate

Custard Surprise

Session 11

DM: OK. Do you remember where we left off?
Rue: Yes. Our souls are in peril, but otherwise we’re fit as fiddles…slightly battered fiddles. We’re just outside Mama Nettie’s abode, I think.
Sent at 6:29 PM on Thursday
DM: Yes. It’s just getting near dusk.
What are your plans?
And… Spot roll please.
Rue: (Seventeen.)
Tanzi is headed for Dusky Dawn’s. She intends to avoid passing the scriptorium.
DM: “Where does Z go?” asks Sand.

Rue: Tanzi glances over her shoulder and shrugs. “To Dawn’s, I suppose. It will be dark soon and…” She trails off, peering about with apprehension. “And you just don’t know who we might run into.”
DM: Sand nods and takes a tighter grip on his staff. He looks around, ominously, peering this way and that.
“This one is hungry.”
Rue: “How long were we in the care of Mama Nettie, Sand?”
DM: “This one thinks one sunrise.”
Sent at 6:36 PM on Thursday
Rue: “Will you be alright until we get outside the city, or do you need food immediately?”
Sent at 6:38 PM on Thursday
DM: He grins. “This one sometimes has no food for many sunrises. That does not mean this one not hungry.”
Sent at 6:39 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi stops. “I should probably not try to avoid Potago’s. It would be bad to be reported as thieves…seeing as I still have his scribe board. Maybe there will still be some vendors open. We can eat fried scorpions.”
DM: “This one has some dried fish. This one would rather eat warm food.”
Sent at 6:42 PM on Thursday
Rue: “Alright, Sand. We can also just hurry back to Dawn’s and hope the goulash is still warm.”
Sent at 6:44 PM on Thursday
DM: “Maybe Z right. Potago may be angry about this,” says Sand as he indicates your scribe board.
Rue: “And I’m sure Twig concocted some vicious lie about us. That boy is like a rabid badger.”
DM: “Badgers lie?”
Rue: “Absolutely. And the rabid ones lie twice as much and twice as meanly.”
DM: Sand looks puzzled, but shrugs and then grins.
Rue: How far are they from Potago’s?
DM: Not very far. The city isn’t that huge.
Sent at 6:48 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi slow perceptibly the closer they get to the scriptorium, her expression settling into a grimace. “This is going to be terrible. I bet he thinks I’m irresponsible.”
DM: Well, as you approach, you don’t see Potago, actually. Are you hiding in any way?
Rue: No.
Sent at 6:51 PM on Thursday
DM: One of the scribes sees you first and calls to Karivelle, who was busy with a customer. She hands some papers to another scribe and quickly steps from the tent to meet you.
Sent at 6:52 PM on Thursday
Rue: Despite her injuries, Tanzi draws herself upright into posture more befitting a lady, and erases the grimace from her face. She walks over to Karivelle.
DM: “Praise Fharlanghan! We were so worried,” she says and stops short of embracing you. “Are you injured?”
Rue: Eyes widening briefly with surprise, Tanzi shakes her head quickly. “No. Not terribly. Not permanently.”
Sent at 6:55 PM on Thursday
DM: She looks you and Sand over. “That’s to be thankful for. But there is blood on your clothing… both of you.”
Sent at 6:56 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi nods. “Yes. Dogs attacked us. Sand held them off until we could find help. But we are both fully functional now.”
DM: “It’s been four days you’ve been missing!”
Rue: “No….! Surely it’s only been a day?”
Sent at 6:59 PM on Thursday
DM: Sand looks confused. “Z… maybe this one wrong. This one can not count sunrises with no sun.”
Sent at 7:01 PM on Thursday
Rue: “Perhaps we were more grievously injured than I thought.” Tanzi brushes a bit of dirt of the scribe board. “I apologize for not returning this sooner. And I thank you for your concern over our well-being.”
Sent at 7:02 PM on Thursday
DM: “Of course we were concerned!” she says. “A scribe board can be replaced or fixed!” She takes the board from you. Then a puzzled annoyed look crosses her face. “Where is Kieran?”
Rue: “Who is Kieran?”
Sent at 7:05 PM on Thursday
DM: “Oy! You couldn’t spot me, could you!?” merrily calls a voice behind you to Karivelle. A young adult halfling strides up to you. “They didn’t spot me either!” He crows, indicating you and Sand.
Sent at 7:06 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi blinks.
DM: “You weren’t supposed to be hiding, Kieran. You were supposed to be watching for them.”
“I did!” he smiles. “I’m just practicing!”
Rue: “When did you first see us?”
DM: “When you’s come out of Mama Nettie’s!” he laughs. “I was right there. I’m getting really good!”
“I’m cross with you Kieran,” says Karivelle.
Sent at 7:09 PM on Thursday
DM: “You should have brought them right here, or to Potago’s, like you were supposed to,” she adds, as he frowns.
Sent at 7:10 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi blanches at the mention of Nettie. “Well, we’re here now, so that’s almost as good as Kieran here,” she inclines her head towards the halfling, “Bringing us anywhere.”
DM: “See!” he says. “I’d a brought them if they went somewheres else. They just got out not a cut hour ago.”
Sent at 7:13 PM on Thursday
DM: Karivelle sighs and shakes her head. “Well, you can bring them to Potago’s if you can manage that without practicing.” Then to you, “He’ll feed you there. You must be famished.”
Sent at 7:14 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi smiles her gratitude. “Thank you, Karivelle. Might I inquire about the whereabouts of the chest I left here? Is it still around?” Tanzi asks anxiously.
Sent at 7:16 PM on Thursday
DM: “Actually, Potago took it to his home to keep it safe,” she says.
Sent at 7:18 PM on Thursday
Rue: “That’s very kind of him,” she says uncertainly. She looks over to Sand. “Shall we follow this good fellow then?”
Sent at 7:19 PM on Thursday
DM: “This one would like to eat.” He looks puzzingly at the sky as if it tricked him as to knowing the day.
Sent at 7:20 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi nods. “I know. Your belly probably senses that four days have passed.”
“Maybe we’ll use that for a time-teller instead of the sun.”
Sent at 7:22 PM on Thursday
DM: “Hurry up then, Kieran,” says Karivelle who waves goodbye and heads back to the scriptorium.”Four days with no food! That’s torture!” laughs Kieran. “He puts out his hand. Kieran Dustrel, at your service, m’lady!”
Sent at 7:23 PM on Thursday
Rue: “Charmed,” Tanzi declares with a bright smile as she takes the halfling’s hand. “Are you related to the venerable Ebel Dustrel?”
DM: “Aye! He’s me grand pap!” he grins.
Sent at 7:26 PM on Thursday
Rue: “That’s very nice. I must say, you’re a very gifted hider. I don’t know how I didn’t see or hear you, but…wow. I’m certain Sand is also impressed.”
DM: Sand shrugs. “This one is hungry.”
Kieran laughs. “Right away, mister warrior! Just this way. Potago has a grand house!”
Rue: Tanzi follows the halfling.
Sent at 7:32 PM on Thursday
DM: He leads you out of the marketplace. You notice there is a different guard in front of Razael’s, a large orange-haired man with strangely blue eyes, clad only in pantaloons and holding a double-bladed sword. You head to the northern part of the city, with larger stone buildings.
Sent at 7:34 PM on Thursday
Rue: “You know, I’m curious…” Tanzi begins to ask, before being briefly distracted by the new guard. “Hmm.” After they pass, she speaks again. “I’m just wondering how you were able to find us so fast. You must have known we were at Mama Nettie’s place.”
Sent at 7:35 PM on Thursday
DM: “Aye, of course!’ says Kieran. “We were keeping an eye on you for when you came out.”
Rue: “So Teweg must have mentioned we were there. That was thoughtful of him.”
DM: “Yeah, Potago looked like he was going to rip him in half!” he laughs. “Haven’t seen him since that day, neither.”
Sent at 7:38 PM on Thursday
Rue: “Oh, no.” Tanzi looks worried. “I do hope everything is well with him,” she lies.
DM: “Probably hiding out,” Kieran laughs. “So.. what’s it like in Mama Nettie’s? Never been inside myself. She’s a witch, right?”
Rue: “It’s spooky.”
“I’d rather not talk about it while the shadows gather. It’s a story for high noon.”
Sent at 7:43 PM on Thursday
DM: Kieran mock-shivers. “All right, but you gotta promise you’ll tell me. Well… here we is!” He gestures to a two-story sandstone building with a four-foot stone wall and gate around it, showing a garden behind.
Sent at 7:45 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi draws to a stop and smiles gleefully. “Look – green growing things! It’s like a little corner of paradise locked away.”
Sent at 7:48 PM on Thursday
DM: “I told you it was grand!” says Keiran. You hear the sounds of children laughing and playing. “Well, see you’s around.”
Rue: “With some luck, we’ll see you too!”
Sent at 7:49 PM on Thursday
DM: He waves and strides off. You see a lantern-lighter down the lane, lighting lanterns on poles. This seems to be a finer part of the city.
Rue: Tanzi returns the wave, then steps over to Sand and whispers, “I’ve just one question – do you think Potago is a sinister sort of person?”
DM: Sand pauses from opening the gate. “What? What does Z mean?”
Sent at 7:52 PM on Thursday
Rue: “You know, sinister.” She demonstrates this quality by rising on her tiptoes, rolling her shoulders into the imitation of a hunchback, extending her arms up and out threateningly, fingers curved like claws. She also makes a crazy face. “You know, a person with evil intentions.”
DM: “Umm.. This one does not know, but there is food here.”
Sent at 7:55 PM on Thursday
Rue: “I knew you were going to frame your answer around hunger. Fine. Let’s hope he’s a good cook. With good intentions.” She gestures grandly for Sand to lead the way.
Sent at 7:56 PM on Thursday
DM: Sand opens the gate and enters. Four children are playing in the yard, chasing one another. An older adolescent girl, two younger boys, and a very small girl holding a stuffed toy. They pause and look at Sand and you.
Rue: “Hi.”
DM: They scream in laughing terror and run away, heading around the back of the house, which is painted a gay yellow, with a red tiled roof.
Sent at 8:00 PM on Thursday
Rue: “Did they seem like normal children to you? Or were they a little jumpy?” Tanzi asks. “We should not follow them in any event. We’ll announce ourselves at the front entrance.”
Sent at 8:02 PM on Thursday
DM: Sand says, “These children are playing games… and this one looks like a fierce warrior.”
Rue: “You do, don’t you? If you weren’t my friend, I’d be terribly frightened of you as well.”
Sent at 8:04 PM on Thursday
DM: He nods, and self-consciously feels to see if all of his nose and ear piercings are in place.
Sent at 8:05 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi turns away to hide a smirk. “Okay.” She hastens to the entrance.
Sent at 8:07 PM on Thursday
DM: You see the yard is lit by torches in iron sconces in a garden of herbs and flowers. The torches burn with a pale yellow light, but seem to give off no heat.
Sent at 8:08 PM on Thursday
Rue: “Do you think it’s magic?” she asks quietly.
Sent at 8:09 PM on Thursday
DM: “What?” asks Sand. He is about to knock on the door.
Rue: She points to a lamp. “Go ahead and knock.”
Sent at 8:11 PM on Thursday
DM: He already is. “Z, that is a torch,” he says and shrugs. The door opens and there is another young girl there, tanned complexion with long dark hair, like the children you saw. She looks at both of you and then curtsies, clumsily. “My name is Tereze.”
Sent at 8:13 PM on Thursday
Rue: “Greetings, Tereze,” Tanzi says from slightly behind Sand. “I am Tanzi Turtlemoon, often called Z, and this is my companion and friend, Sand. We’re seeking Potago. Or perhaps he’s seeking us.”
Sent at 8:15 PM on Thursday
DM: She curtsies again. She seems to like doing it. “Welcome, Tanzi Turtlemoon and Sand. Please come in. I will tell my parents that you are here.” She curtsies and then steps out of the foyer.
The house seems to continue in the sandstone style, with large arched entrances between rooms.
Rue: “She’s very nice. She reminds me of my school friends,” Tanzi remarks quietly as she steps inside.
DM: Sand says, “I smell cooking.” Then he grins. Once out of view, Tereze bellows at the top of her lungs, “Mom! Dad! Tanzi Turtlemoon and Sand are here!!”
Sent at 8:18 PM on Thursday
Rue: “Reminds me a little,” she amends.
Sent at 8:20 PM on Thursday
DM: “Bring them in, Tereze,” you hear a woman’s pleasant voice from around the corner she’d gone. Around the other corner you see the two young boys peeking at Sand. Sand makes a face like a dragon and they run laughing and screaming back where they’ve come from, almost running over the tiny girl with the doll, who then screams and follows them.
Tereze says, “Come in, please,” and curtsies.
Sent at 8:22 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi smiles at the children’s antics and says, “Thank you.”
((I need to go get dinner really quickly.))
DM: She leads you through a large room with many book shelves and then another room with lots of low settes and tables towards another large room where you smell the scents of cooking – garlic, herbs, and fresh bread.
((I’ll make myself a quick salad))
Sent at 8:27 PM on Thursday
Rue: ((back))
Sent at 8:38 PM on Thursday
Rue: Without slowing down, Tanzi tries to determine if any of the books look like they hold ancient, powerful spells.
Sent at 8:39 PM on Thursday
DM: ((spot roll?))
Rue: (11)
DM: Very hard to tell. You don’t spot any telltale runes, but neither do you see much of anything on the spines.
Sent at 8:43 PM on Thursday
Rue: ((Was just disconnected.))
DM: As you enter the kitchen you see a tall, beautiful woman in her early forties. She has tan, healthy skin, and dark hair bound up above her head with a bright scarf. She wears a lovely yellow sarong and stirs a pot on a large stove top while holding a very small boy with her other arm. Also in the kitchen is a girl in her late teens, cutting some flat bread. She appears to resemble her mother, you’d guess.
((still there?))
Rue: ((Yep. And this was the next thing you’ve posted?))
Sent at 8:46 PM on Thursday
DM: ((yes, and my answer about the books))
Rue: ((Okay.))
Sent at 8:49 PM on Thursday
Rue: “Greetings. Your kitchen smells marvelous.” Tanzi looks down at her bloodstained clothes, then over at Sand’s. “We probably look a little rough right now, but I assure you, we’re good people.”
Sent at 8:52 PM on Thursday
DM: The woman breaks into a wide, lovely smile. “Tanzi! You are certainly the daughter of Lisangale!” She comes over and leans down to kiss you on your cheek. She laughs. “Please excuse my own mess,” indicating her stained apron as the young child looks on in wonder. “I am Soya, Potago’s wife, and mother of these monsters!” Sand has just frightened off the youngsters again who were creeping up behind him. “And you must be Sand,” she beams. “We owe you our thanks for protecting this lovely girl.”
Sent at 8:55 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi regards Soya with some consternation, then smiles agreeably. “Sand is quite the hero.” She hesitates. “I must admit, I’m a little surprised to find your husband showing such concern over a new, evidently incompetent, hireling. I’ve underestimated the general goodness of mankind once again.”
Sent at 8:58 PM on Thursday
DM: She laughs. “My husband has a good heart, but you are no ordinary scribe. Your mother is an old friend of ours. Did he not tell you?” She shakes her head. “He has some bizarre conceptions of business practices and not showing favoritism. But we will have plenty of time to talk. You’ve met many of the brood, I suppose. This silent monkey is Lear. And here is my eldest daughter, Guendal.” The girl finishes with the bread and wipes her hands on her apron and smiles. “Do you wish some food now? Dinner is not quite ready. I am a slow cook. My favorite ingredient is thyme!” she laughs again. “Or would you prefer to freshen up?”
She speaks rather quickly.
Sent at 9:02 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi flutters her fingers in greeting to Lear, Guendal, and then the other children. “So you both know my mother… I see.” She smiles. “That’s a good thing to know. I believe we are more hungry than dirty. Would you concur, Sand?”
DM: Sand is rudely examining the pots on the stove. “Yes, this one is very hungry. Thank you.”
Sent at 9:06 PM on Thursday
DM: “Of course,” laughs Soya with delight. “You’re like my boys! Tereze, Guendal, please show them to the tables and bring them some bread and chutney.” At the eldest daughter’s questions, she says, “How about the mango and the lime? Some olive tapenade too, I think. Do you like olives?” she asks Sand, who nods vigorously.
“Would you like some kaffe? Or tea or chocolate, Tanzi?” she asks you.
Rue: “Tea, please.”
Sent at 9:10 PM on Thursday
DM: “Of course!” She deftly places a tea kettle on the stove, balancing Lear and continuing to stir the several pots. “This way, please,” says Tereze, with a curtsy.
Sent at 9:11 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi quietly follows Tereze.
Sent at 9:12 PM on Thursday
DM: She takes you back out to the room with the low settes and tables. She indicates some soft, comfortable seats beneath a wide bright window. Soon afterward, Guendal and the elder girl you first saw in the garden, enter with trays of figs and warm flat bread and small brass bowls of cold, spicy chutneys and savory tapenades.
Sent at 9:14 PM on Thursday
Rue: “Thank you,” Tanzi murmurs. She watches the parade of food with a slight smile of anticipation. “You’re very kind.”
Sent at 9:17 PM on Thursday
DM: “You’re welcome, Tanzi Turtlemoon,” curtsies Tereze. Sand, without ceremony, drops his gear and staff and begins wolfing down the bread, taking great heaps of the chutney in mouthfuls. He double-dips copiously.
Sent at 9:19 PM on Thursday
Rue: “Heroes always have admirable appetites,” Tanzi says thoughtfully, reaching for a piece of bread.
Sent at 9:21 PM on Thursday
DM: He manages to avoid eating your hand. Tereze sits opposite you and watches you eat. The other girl comes in again, soon, carrying a teapot and small cups on a tray along with a flagon of water. The young boys are almost in a frenzy watching Sand, creeping closer and closer, until he turns and growls and they shriek off in delight, their toddler sister always several steps behind, dropping on her butt when she tries to turn too quickly.
“That’s Eilaine,” says Tereze, indicating the girl who brings the tea. “She’s only twelve. She doesn’t talk often. My little brothers are Hrob and Banni and Gretra is the little one.”
Sent at 9:24 PM on Thursday
Rue: “It must be marvelous having so many siblings. And the little ones are so rambunctious! All that running…I don’t remember being so lively as child.”
DM: “Do you have many brothers and sisters?” she asks. “Do you, Sand?”
Rue: Tanzi murmurs no and listens to Sand’s answer.
Sent at 9:27 PM on Thursday
DM: Sand pauses from eating and a dark look crosses his eyes. He shakes his head and looks a bit despondent. But then the boys come by almost close enough to touch and he leaps up from his seat and chases them out of the room.
Sent at 9:28 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi smiles a little, and idly squishes a bread crumb on the table. “Have you lived in Calabash your whole life, Thereze?”
Sent at 9:31 PM on Thursday
DM: “Yes! Do you like it here? I don’t like the Khedive. She is mean! But there are so many interesting things here. Sometimes we can go see a circus and sometimes we go to the market but we aren’t allowed to go by ourselves.”
Sent at 9:33 PM on Thursday
DM: You hear Soya singing in the kitchen, beautifully, a song in Elvish. Guendal, you guess, effortlessly harmonizes. You also hear Sand has chased the boys into the back garden, them screaming all the way, and also some heavy footsteps treading down from upstairs.
Sent at 9:34 PM on Thursday
Rue: “Your house is like paradise…” Tanzi sighs, then smiles. “I like Calabash alright so far. It’s a very exciting place, but I feel like I should be cautious of many things here. Like dogs. Snakes.” Her voice drops as she says, “Unsavory people.”
Sent at 9:36 PM on Thursday
DM: “What are you whimpering about, like a lost puppy?” you hear a booming familiar voice. “Well, go out and play with them, then!” Potago sounds like he is in the next room. “All right, come here, you silly bear.” He enters, easily carrying your chest under one arm and Gretra in his other. “Go help your mother, Tereze,” he says.
“She doesn’t need help, Dad.”
“Go and help her.”
“Guen and Eilaine are there!” she protests but then thinks better of arguing and scampers off to the kitchen as Potago ponderously sits down in a large sette.
Rue: Tanzi straightens in her seat. “Thank you for your hospitality, sir.”
Sent at 9:40 PM on Thursday
DM: He studies you for a bit while making some cooing noises to the little girl who seems absolutely tiny in his arms. He places your chest down. “Hm. Safe and sound and unopened. Why don’t you tell me what happened?” He pours himself some water.
Sent at 9:42 PM on Thursday
Rue: “Sand and I followed Teweg on his rounds until shortly after the noon siesta, when a loud explosion damaged my hearing, and spooked a corral of horses, resulting in the injury of a youth, and a failed sale of aforementioned livestock. Unable to continue working, I and Sand went to Mama Nettie’s, where we accidentally roused a pack of mean dogs. Afterwards, Mama Nettie bound our injuries and evidently nursed us back to good health.”
Sent at 9:46 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi takes a deep breath. “And then we went to return the scribe’s board to you, encountered Karivelle, and was directed here. We were guided by Kieran. And then I met your wife and lovely family. Now you’re caught up.”
Sent at 9:47 PM on Thursday
DM: He sneers at the mention of Mama Nettie. “Oh, I’m sure she didn’t waste too much effort on you, knowing her. Yes, Teweg told me about his little ‘jest’ he called it. I demanded she turn you over to me but she refused, only promising you lived and would be sent out after you were rested from your injuries.”
Sent at 9:49 PM on Thursday
Rue: “I am unable to measure how much effort she expended. I know only that we still live.” Tanzi’s fingers curl into fists. “What is Mama Nettie’s reputation? I have heard her called a witch.”
Sent at 9:52 PM on Thursday
DM: “She’s a witch, all right, but she can fulfill some needs some times, if you are willing to meet her prices. I don’t trust her, but not much less than I trust most other folks here. We have a bit of an understanding between us. She wouldn’t dare harm you, knowing you were in my employ, but that doesn’t mean she might not sit back and watch those curs tear you limb from limb.”
Sent at 9:55 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi shifts uncomfortably in her seat. “I wonder what sort of master scribe you are, that a witch like her respects your power enough to not harm someone in your employ.”
Sent at 9:59 PM on Thursday
DM: He frowns. “You don’t need to fear me, Tanzi. Your mother is like a sister to Soya and me. I am your protector here in Calabash.”
Sand runs through the room, both boys grappled onto him.
Sent at 10:01 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi nods quickly. “That’s a comforting thing to hear. How, may I ask, do you and Soya know my mother?” She waves at Sand.
Sent at 10:04 PM on Thursday
DM: He looks around and listens to his wife singing and daughters arguing in the kitchen and watches to see the boys are back out into the garden. “It was a long time ago. Your mother, Nevvek, Soya, myself and… well, we were adventurers together. I was not always a scribe and a merchant.”
Sent at 10:07 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi looks about and asks, “Is it a secret? That you once adventured?”
Sent at 10:10 PM on Thursday
DM: He nods and holds his tongue as Sand makes another trip through the room, agilely leaping a sette, while the two boys batter at his head, shrieking and laughing. “We want a quiet life for our children and this is a dangerous city for secrets,” he growls, content that the young girl in his arms is engrossed in her camel doll. “We can speak in my study after dinner.”
Rue: “Alright. Thank you again.”
DM: “How well do you know this wild boy who dogs your heels like a confused coyote?”
Rue: “We’re very good friends. I’d trust him with my life and possessions.”
Tanzi regards Sand again. “Yep. That sums up my knowledge.”
Sent at 10:15 PM on Thursday
DM: He nods, then bellows, “Soya, have you decided to make my supper tomorrow’s breakfast? I have not had a bit all day and young Tanzi here is wasting into dust!”
Sent at 10:16 PM on Thursday
Rue: Looking alarmed, Tanzi hastily says, “No one’s turning into dust, for your kind wife has already given Sand and I a veritable feast.”
Sent at 10:18 PM on Thursday
DM: He grunts and you hear Soya has not interrupted her song but has altered some words. You don’t know Elvish, but it sounds similar to the word in Sylvan meaning a pig.
Sent at 10:19 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi remarks innocently, “She has a lovely voice.”
Sent at 10:21 PM on Thursday
DM: “Like a siren…” he mutters darkly, then calls out, “I’m off to the market to find some food, I suppose!” At that a large bowl of steaming curry floats into the room, followed shortly by a hovering plate of rice. “Sit down, you beast!” says a voice from inside the curry bowl and you see a mouth has formed on the surface of it.
Sent at 10:24 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi claps her hands, delighted at the sight. “Marvels!”
(Can I make a spellcraft check to guess at the spells in use?)
DM: Of course!
Sent at 10:26 PM on Thursday
Rue: (26)
DM: Unseen Servant and Magic Mouth
Sent at 10:29 PM on Thursday
DM: “Quit showing off!” bellows Potago. Children begin appearing from all over, carrying in plates and silverware, and glasses. The Unseen Servant brings a dal and another curry into the room, plus more bread. It’s all very fragrant and delicious smelling.
Sent at 10:30 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi sits impatiently, fidgeting slightly as she waits for everyone to gather.
Sent at 10:33 PM on Thursday
DM: Sand collapses, winded on some pillows on the floor, the young boys still battering at him until Guendal chastises them and they set to the meal as hungrily as Sand did before. “Please, eat,” urges Soya. “I’ll just be tending the custard.” She still carries young Lear on her hip. Potago is alternating bites with feeding Gretra with his spoon.
Sent at 10:35 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi murmurs her thanks again and eats yet more food. “It’s very nice to be able sit and eat with such good, decent people. Hard to find good company when you’re strangers to a city like this.”
Sent at 10:42 PM on Thursday
DM: “It’s so nice to finally meet you,” says Soya, who has entered. “Nevvek told us about you in his visits but we have not seen him for several years. You are attending wizard school, we were told?” Eilaine silently prepares her mother a plate, as Tereze sits at your side eyeing you in fascination. Guendal hums quietly and pokes at her food, gazing out the window. Sand is in a new battle, of appetites, with Hrob and Banni. Gretra begs her father to feed her camel too, which he mimes doing to her delight.
Sent at 10:49 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi smiles broadly. “Oh, yes. I mean, I was attending the Featherfall House until recently.” Tanzi’s smile dims slightly as she chooses her next words. ” However, it seems I’ve completed my formal education. I’m ready to increase my knowledge base through experience and the practical application of my skills. The world is wide and filled with mystery, as they say. I’m a great admirer of mystery.”
DM: “You have a marvelous way with words, Tanzi,” smiles Soya. “Have you ever considered the performing arts?”
Sent at 10:54 PM on Thursday
Rue: “Doesn’t everyone? I’ve probably daydreamed about it a time or two. But I’ve been absolutely consumed by my studies until recently.”
Sent at 10:56 PM on Thursday
DM: “Studying is good,” says Potago. “It’s what I tell the children. They can all read and write, you know, except for these two little ones.” He seems proud of this fact.
Sent at 10:58 PM on Thursday
Rue: “Marvelous! Do you all study at home, or is there a school here in Calabash?”
Sent at 10:59 PM on Thursday
DM: “My dear Potago is their schoolmaster, Tanzi,” answers Soya. “He is an excellent teacher of letters and as rabid a consumer of books as he is my curries!”
Potago allows himself a smile. “It’s true. You know when I was a child, in the mountains, we had no books or writing, really. These cubs don’t know how lucky they are!”
The children groan at this.
(did you get that?)
Rue: Tanzi grins. “It’s true. I saw the wealth of books this house holds. You are lucky.”
((I think so))
DM: “You wouldn’t think so if you had to read the History of the West,” says Guendal, and they all laugh except Potago.
“That was my first book and it is a fine one!” he bellows, in somewhat-mock offense.
“It’s so boring!” calls Hrob.
“I hate it,” says Banni.
“A hundred pages of weather reports and grain yields,” moans Guendal.
Sent at 11:05 PM on Thursday
Rue: “Well…I’ll admit it doesn’t sound very thrilling, but maybe there are hidden secrets in it.”
DM: “The secret of boring,” moans Hrob.
“Are you a wizard?” asks Tereze.
Rue: Tanzi laughs at Hrob’s statement, then nods to Tereze. “Yes.”
DM: “Do a trick!” calls Banni. “Do some magic!” echo several of the children.
Sent at 11:08 PM on Thursday
Rue: “Well,” Tanzi looks around and hops to her feet. “If it’s alright?” she questions, looking from Potago to Soya.
DM: They nod and Soya smiles. (Do you have anything still prepared from 4 days ago?)
Rue: (Yes.)
Sent at 11:13 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi smooths her bedraggled clothing and moves to a clear spot in the room. She reaches into her spell component pouch and pulls out a little ball of wool, which she pinches between thumb and forefinger. Murmuring softly to herself, she moves her free hand in a quick, fluid gesture. (Casting Silent Image. Will DC 15)
Sent at 11:17 PM on Thursday
DM: The children ooh and aah at this show of casting. Soya and Potago have knowing smiles but seem quite pleased to see their friend’s child performing an adult feat.
Sent at 11:18 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi creates the illusion of tiny, multicolored winged serpents (very much resembling Dazzle) and sends them cavorting through the room as long as the spell lasts.
(Or just one)
DM: The children squeal with delight. (you can have a swarm of them in the one image)
Rue: (That’s what I thought until I reread the spell description…it said creature, not creatures. But Tanzi would prefer to have many.)
DM: (a swarm counts as one creature)
Sent at 11:22 PM on Thursday
Rue: (cool, a swarm of winged Dazzles then. In the next round, before they vanish, she casts ghost sound and makes them sing like birds. Same DC.)
DM: They clap with joy. “Very nice,” says Soya. “Thank you.”
“Custard!” she calls out to the kitchen, and the bowl comes floating in, and the children eagerly divide it up.
“Tereze,” says Potago, “Take your brother a plate of dinner.”
“I did it yesterday!” she whines, “It’s Eilaine’s turn.”
Sent at 11:25 PM on Thursday
DM: “Stop whining,” barks Potago, “You sound like a sour-drunk halfling. Eilaine, take your brother his dinner.”
The silent girl obediently makes up a dish, after safely stowing her custard away from her little brothers.
Sent at 11:27 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi makes a swift head count of little people. “You have even more children hidden about?”
DM: “Just one more,” says Soya. “The eldest. He’s confined to his room.”
“He’s a trouble-maker,” says Tereze, cozying up to you.
Rue: “I can’t imagine that.” Tanzi shakes her head. “You’re all so well mannered and nice, and hospitable, and everything.”
DM: “He’s in big trouble!” says Tereze.
“Tereze,” interrupts Potago. “Mind your own business.”
Rue: “Well,” Tanzi murmurs to Tereze as she looks from Sand to the young boys. “Your little brothers are tiny ruffians. Maybe it’s just a boy thing.”
DM: Eilaine returns, still carrying the plate. She speaks for the first time in a low, melodic voice. “He’s not there.”
“Kord’s balls!!!” bellows Potago like a thunderclap, startling the children and knocking a couple plates to the rugs.
“Po!” chastises Soya quickly.
Rue: Tanzi looks at the fallen plates.
DM: Young Lear is crying now as Soya calms him down. She sighs. “Po, he’ll come back. Why don’t you take Tanzi and Sand to your study and we will straighten up.”
“Where did he go, mom?” asks Hrob, stimulating a cacophany of questions.
“Where’s Teweg?” asks tiny Gretra.
Rue: “Oh. No.”
Sent at 11:36 PM on Thursday
Rue: Tanzi looks over at Sand with dismay.
DM: Sand looks at you, in a conflict of emotions. His hand is in a fist.
Sent at 11:39 PM on Thursday

Rue: After a stunned moment, Tanzi looks away and mutters, “What a surprise. Somehow I didn’t know Teweg was your kin.” She forces a smile. “Interesting.”


thorne thorne

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